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WBR City Fencing is the most reliable fencing contractor in Australia. We specialised in supplying and installing glass pool fencing, colorbond fencing, and tubular aluminium fencing in Sydney at a competitive rate. We have handled many successful pool fencing projects with our experience and professionals. We are offering a complete range of pool fencing services, including frameless glass pool fencing, semi-frameless glass pool fencing, and tubular aluminium pool fencing in Sydney. From pool fencing to security fencing, and garden fencing to slat fencing, we supply and install all these fences to both residential and commercial customers in Sydney. When it comes to the glass pool fence or security fence in Sydney, WBR City Fencing can easily meet your requirements.

We have an exclusive range of pool and security fences tailored to your project. No matter the type of fences you need, we are always here to provide an effective solution as per your requirements. All the professionals in our team are experienced and trained. They provide custom-designed fences that can add safety and stylish look to your pool area and your property. Our trained installers install the glass pool fencing as per Australia’s Pool Safety Standard. We are just one call 0410 699 170 away!

Nowadays, we have become a well-known fencing contractor in Sydney. Our business traits like perfect workmanship, low-priced services, excellent customer services, and our trained professionals help us to earn a huge reputation. We aim to deliver high-quality fencing installation services in Australia.

WBR City Fencing is a licensed and insured fencing supplier and installer. Some of our fences are frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fences, tubular aluminium pool fences, colorbond and slat fences, etc. We are offering same-day glass fencing supply and installation in Sydney, NSW at a competitive rate. Our trained installers design fences as per the shape and size of your swimming pool and property. So, whenever you need to install fences around your swimming pool and property, you must contact us. We are always here to help you out!

Reasons for choosing us

  • WBR City Fencing is Australia’s leading fencing contractor. We are offering effective fencing solutions tailored to our clients’ project.
  • You will find out different styles of fences in our store. Some of our fences are frameless glass pool fencing, semi-frameless glass pool fencing, tubular aluminium pool fencing, colorbond and slat fencing, etc.
  • We have many professional installers who are efficient, trained and certified. They know much about Australia’s Pool Safety Regulations and provide custom-designed fences to meet our clients’ requirements.
  • We are offering the best quality fencing supply and installation for both residential and commercial property. We also offer same-day fencing supply and installation in Sydney, NSW.
  • We are reliable, insured, and affordable. We always maintain a good relationship with our previous clients.

If you have any further queries regarding our services, then you can call us on 0410 699 170 now!